"We have a big vision: to see Aberdeen & Aberdeenshire transformed, our communities made more inclusive and for people living in our communities who are marginalised, excluded or disadvantaged to have access to transformative, holistic care and support that sees them integrated, included, valued and thriving...

and we’re passionate about achieving it!"


Integrate Founder

Caroline Crombie


Integrate is a local, Aberdeen based charity working in association with Catalyst Vineyard Church. Our staff and volunteers are passionate about providing holistic care and support for individuals living within our communities who have been disadvantaged, marginalised, excluded or isolated for any reason.

For most of the people we work with, life is seriously tough. Many are struggling with significant issues; things like drug or alcohol abuse, homelessness, unmanageable debt, long term unemployment, mental or physical health conditions and criminal behaviour. All have been rejected by society for one reason or another, and many suffer with loneliness and isolation.


The care and support provided by our staff and volunteers encourages and helps our clients to integrate with their community, engage in meaningful or mainstream activity and emerge from chaotic lifestyles. Our common belief is that through investing in those who have been rejected or ‘written-off’ and supporting them to work towards realising their dreams and ambitions, we can change attitudes, restore hope and dignity, build resilience and make our communities stronger, more inclusive places.

Working with the marginalised and disadvantaged in Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire since 2007; we have learnt that central to addressing any of the complex needs we aim to meet is relationship. Without a supportive relationship based on trust through which the person feels truly valued, respected, safe, not judged and cared for, it is often not even possible to identify issues and their causes; let alone help the individual to want to address them, to start to believe that change is possible and to then address them effectively.
For this reason, all of our services have a strong focus on building community for, and relationship with, our clients, as well as addressing the specific need(s).

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Integrate Scotland is a limited company registered in Scotland (SC 331 275) and registered charity (SC 039 013) 

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